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Thread: 11/03/2006 Game Thread 2: Pacers vs Hornets

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    Default Re: 11/03/2006 Game Thread 2: Pacers vs Hornets

    Quote Originally Posted by CableKC View Post
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    Why wasn't Marquis given the ball on offense? Were we pretty much watching a JONeal / SJax / Tinsley shooting fest?
    I agree with you for the most part, except for this particular point. You don't exactly feed Marquis the ball, he's not much of a primary scorer and shouldn't be relied on as a go-to guy in essentially any situation. More touches would have been nice, but it would have been a mistake to force the ball into his hands and run specific plays for him.

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    Default Re: 11/03/2006 Game Thread 2: Pacers vs Hornets

    I forgot to say this. LMAO @ The Hornets, you may have won. But you still have that 62 million dollar Austin Croshere on your team. I swear I rather have Cro, at least Cro tries to play D every now and then.

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    Default Re: 11/03/2006 Game Thread 2: Pacers vs Hornets

    Alright, I was at this game and well it was a mixed bag, but believe it or not, I am not HORRIBLY disappointed in the lost. There was a lot to be learned there. There was good and bad, so let me get through the bad first so we can end on a good note.

    THE BAD:
    Al just looks horrible right now. There is no cutting corners. He had 7 boards but he should have had 11 or 12 and just go outworked for them. His offensive game is well, one dimensional at the moment. It seems to consist of a standard bump or two followed by a fade away jumper. He needs to get his kiester in the paint a lot deeper and use his size and quickness to get to the line and get layups. His defense was just horrible. West lit him up like a Christmas tree in the first half. Second half wasn't much better on D.

    Sarunas fell back to earth tonight, but I think he serves a purpose, he just needs to stick to it. Tonight he was way too trigger happy. He forced it when it wasn't there. He needs to focus on creating from the two spot. When he does that it gives us the advantage of two good passers on the floor.

    Foster was also bad tonight IMO. When Foster is not rebounding well he is just about useless and tonight he was useless. Only 3 boards and wasn't exactly a force defensively either.

    DH only played three minutes, but he was extremely unimpressive IMO. Took a couple steps back from the Charlotte game and just never really looked into it.

    Our defense and rebounding need work. Outside of Jack, Quis, JO, Tins, and DA our defense was downright horrible. Nobody could stop anyone on the hornets. I mean seriously Janero Pargo was torching us for a while there against Sarunas and DA. (I'll get to my opinion of DA's game in a second)

    Danny struggled tonight, he still seems to be trying to find his place on the team. He needs to put the ball on the floor. He get to the rack almost at will already. He seems to get the ball a lot of the time and just look lost.

    As long as we are talking about the bad, lets address Violet Palmer. EASILY the worst ref in the NBA right now. She is downright horrible. Her calls were horribly inconsistent and she made several blatantly contradictory calls against us tonight. On top of that she gave the ball back to the Hornets when it obviously went of Chandler's hand. (Oh BTW is over the back no longer a foul in the NBA?) How Palmer still has a job in this league is beyond me really I am just dumbfounded.

    THE OK:
    Rick, was ok tonight, but I thought he made one mistake. To me that was making DA go for too long tonight. DA was obviously gassed and needed to come out, Rick left him in and Pargo went right at him and probably 6 or 8 quick points that really got the Hornets rolling in the 4th.

    Now to DA, yes I am saying his game was OK. His effort and spark he gave us in the 3rd was amazing, but I thought he lost his cool in the 4th just a bit. IDK if anyone else caught it, but he looked frustrated. I caught him yelling at teammates a couple times and I was not impressed. He just seemed to get a little too overhyped late in the 4th when we still had a chance and that upset me a little bit.


    JO was on tonight his jumper was falling and he probably didn't get enough touches. Plus his defense was absolutely spectacular. His rebounding was subpar, but considering how well he played in every other facet of the game and considering how bad our rebounding was in general he gets a slight mulligan. But if he only grabs 5 or 6 boards against the Knicks he is gonna start hearing it from me. His offense and defense tho were spectacular.

    Jack was very good tonight if you asked me. He kicked Peja's butt all around the court defensively and wasn't horrible offensively. Plus I am liking his passing and rebounding so far plus he has cut back significantly on his barking at the officials, so I am happy.

    Tins to me played very well til the fouls caught up to him. The assists weren't there but he was scoring and on top of that I thought he played fantastic D on Paul particularly in the first half. I can't remember Paul's first half stats but they were not impressive and Tins deserves all the credit in the world for that.

    Finally Quis was great tonight IMO. Good d, drove to the hoop and rebounded well too. He needs more touches, he is extremely smooth and has great body control in the lane. Plus he has a very nice floater in the lane. I want to see more of him going to the hoop.

    Now the crowd was great tonight. Really got behind the team and I thought they were kind of wasted, but oh well. Hopefully we can get things on track and consistently have crowds like the one we had tonight. It was fun to be part of that crowd during the 3rd quarter.


    Lots can be learned from tonight's loss. Rebounding needs to be worked on and Al needs to get his butt in gear. Danny needs to lose the deer in headlights look and Sarunas needs to look more to create than score from the two. If those 4 things happen we have a very good team IMO. If nothing else Al just needs to start getting 17-18 ppg and we would have won this game. I am not horribly upset about this loss and probably would actually be happy to have the learning experience if it wasn't for one thing, it was a home loss. If this was a road loss I would be happy we could learn from it, but when you have 13 of your first 19 at home every game at home becomes that much more important. In fact I'd go as far as to say we cannot lose at home again during this stretch. Hopefully we take care of these deficiencies and go forward.

    I am actually very optimistic and think are fixes are doable and on top of that it is obvious to me this team likes one another. Lets go out and bounce back and get the Knicks tomorrow night. GO PACERS!!

    Oh and Peja is bad really bad. I dunno why they paid him that money. I mean he just looks awful.

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    Default Re: 11/03/2006 Game Thread 2: Pacers vs Hornets

    Holy crap!!! We are not a good shooting team?!?! How could we not see this coming?!?!?

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