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Thread: This is why I love Koba...

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    Default This is why I love Koba...


    This is why people are starving in the world...

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    Default Re: This is why I love Koba...

    That guy is a freak of nature.

    After seeing video of him, the starving people can have my hot dogs and hamburgers, cuz I've lost any appetite for them.
    It's a new day for Pacers Basketball.

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    Default Re: This is why I love Koba...

    I can eat 2 hamburgers MAX, most of the time just one, and even then I cant eat all of the fries. This guy almost 100 of them ****s, WOW. Can you imagine taking a #2 after that, it must feel glorious.

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    Default Re: This is why I love Koba...

    At Wendy's, you can order a hamburger and then request that they "double the beef" for only an extra 99 cents.

    Well, a buddy of mine realized that it's going to cost you 99 cents to double the beef on a single quarter pounder, and still only cost you 99 cents to double the beef on a classic triple. The only difference being you get 6 paddies with the latter. (For those of you who aren't following me: classic triple (3 paddies) doubled on the beef would be 6 paddies in total).

    So, my friend ordered a Classic triple. Then he casually said "...and double the beef". The reactions from the employees were hillarious. Some of the guys working in the kitchen were just afraid for him and were almost unwilling to make the sandwich. They said he was a legend.

    My friend ate the entire thing. But the next time we came back, the employees at Wendy's remembered him but told him that someone else did the exact same thing. Well, my friend wasn't going to be equalled like he went for the ultimate.

    "I'll have 2 classic triples........double the beef on both".

    Apparently the employees were disgusted. It's crazy too, because similar to this Kobayaski guy, my friend is not fat at all. He can eat as much fast food as he wants and never gain any weight...that's not to say that the inside of his body appreciates it.

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    Default Re: This is why I love Koba...

    So funny, rcarey.

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    Default Re: This is why I love Koba...

    I wonder where did he put in 100 hamburgers? In 8 min?
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