I was going to tag this onto one of the other threads but decided some of this is pretty important.

First, I have all the picked players up to Grant Hill entered on rosters. One of the other commish's (or several) may want to double-check that I have those correctly. In the KL I saved TT instead of KT for someone - I'd hate to, say, give Frank Slade Jerome instead of Lebron James.

Second, I'll be gone for about the next 3 hours. This afternoon/evening I'll start changing the draft order for later rds to match what's on the draft thread. That'll take a while - in the KL I only had 60 and it still took over an hour. Here we're talking over 200.

One of the things you may want to consider (I think Ken suggested this) is cutting off the 24-hour draft at the end of a round. There's a setting for how many keepers to enter and right now I have it at 4. I'm not sure what happens if we start a draft in the middle of a rd - will it let us set a 4th rd draft order if we're in the middle of it? - but I don't really want to find out.

And if any other commish's want to work on the draft order feel free - if 3 of us each took 3 rds it would go quicker (if having 3 people changing orders at the same time wouldn't blow up the site). But I'm bach'ing tonight - if I need to do all of it I can.

For owners:

If you can't be on the site for the draft you can go on now and pre-rank NBA players. The players that have already been picked will still show up so you'll have to work around it. If you have those set, even if you can't be on tomorrow, the site will auto-draft for you from that order - I hope. I think Ken did that in the KL so he can say how that worked. The players that have been added to rosters will disappear when the draft starts. And once the draft starts you'll be given the chance to build a draft queue which acts like contingency lists did on sports.ws.

Which brings us to the biggest monkey in the wrench. For whatever reason, the closest time offered by the site to when we want to start is 6:30 AM tomorrow morning. Next closest is Tuesday. Now I don't know why this is but it did the same thing when I was setting up the KL draft - and then weekend times suddenly appeared. I HOPE the same thing will happen here but if it doesn't commish's will need a backup plan.

Also, someone will need to check draft orders shortly before the draft - I had to enter the KL order 3 times. The last time was Friday evening (we started the draft at 9 the next morning) and that one held up.

I'm planning on being de-commissioned tonight unless Hicks & co desperately want help during the draft. I can be there tomorrow, not Sunday though.