I just had a potentially cool idea:

PD has three FBB leagues with 12 teams each, right? Well, I propose that at the end of this NBA year we take the top four teams from each league and form a new one for the following year. A "Champions League", if you will. We'll call this the "A" league. Then, the middle four teams of each original league will form the "B" league. Finally, the last four teams of each league forms the "C" league.

Then, in subsequent years, we can promote and demote teams like soccer does. Top 4 teams in the B league move up to A, bottom 4 to C. Top four teams in the C league get moved up to B. Bottom 4 teams in the A league move down to B.

If a team drops out, the new team that replaces them starts out in the C league, even if the team that dropped out was in the A league. More teams are promoted as needed to balance it out.

What do you think? Good idea, bad idea? I think this will help keep owners in the lower half of the standings active through the year and will add some extra meaning to the season.

I propose that if 20 team owners vote yes on this thread by the end of the year, we do it. Sound good?