This has been discussed before, but, it's only more obvious now. I don't care who was missing for the Skins yesterday, they have a respectable defense, and our rookie RB carried 11 times for 85 yards. Nearly 8 yd/carry!

While on the other hand, Dominic Rhodes carried 13 times for 26 yards. I'm not a math major, but I ain't no fool either.

Isn't it blatantly clear that Addai needs to start, and be THE running back, while Rhodes plays the same role he did with Edge? We have the answer to our problem at RB, but he's not being used enough.

Manning and the passing game looks great. As if Harrison's 2 TDs and Wayne's 120 yards wasn't enough, we've got guys like Clark and Utecht ready and waiting to catch balls in the middle of the field. With Stokely still on the bench! And, I don't know if you all caught this, but we split Darrel Reid out as a WR on the goalline! He's a D-lineman! Also, we tried a fake-handoff-fake-end-around-bomb yesterday. Peyton missed long, but just seeing that attempted was fun for me. The only thing that needs any work here is pass protection, but Peyton is usually good at getting rid of the ball quickly--and now he can scramble with effectiveness!

The D looked so much better yesterday. The final score, allowing 22 points, wasn't indicitive of the way they played I think. The last TD was garbage, so, it should be read 14 (they got a 2-pt conversion for kicks) instead. The run D was vastly improved with the addition of Booger, and our LBs were freed to make plays. We finally got some decent pressure on the QB, sacking Brunell 2 or 3 times, and beating the crap out of him otherwise. I think half the team limped off the field at some points as well. Brackett and June played great yesterday, as did the DBs--coming on blitzes (Jackson) and making some big hits (David). I'm happy with the D now, and getting Sanders back can really make us scary again.

Once again, we had special teams problems. It's great to have Vinatieri back and healthy, but our coverage has GOT to be better. We allowed another runback, this time on a punt, and those kinds of things can absolutely kill you. That has to be tied up in one way or another, before it gets us.

Overall, I've got to say I'm happy with the team. 6-0 is 6-0, no matter who you play or how you win, and that's where we sit. Entirely safe in the division (thanks Houston!), leading the AFC (thanks ATL!) and looking better than ever after the bye! Here's to the swift return of Bob Sanders and Monte Reagor and Brandon Stokely, and to 13 more wins!!!