Ok. I have been sitting here lately thinking about how lucky i have been to have a home town team like the Pacers to cheer for and be fan of. When you like at the NBA, i think it sometimes gets lost how good of an NBA team we not only have, but have had since DW become GM.

So as his days as "lame duck GM" start to wind down i thought it would be good to start a thread highlighting his accompilshments with the team.

This link is one i found that lists all his draft picks as well as most of his trades, so instead of typing it all out, you can just look at it. I think the article shows what an impressive run he has had as a GM.


A few things that stand out to me about DW as a GM:

1. He has a tremendous ability to evaluate needs of current team and then find the right player to plug in to fill that need. Some examples would be Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Jalen Rose, Artest, B.Miller...meaning he is able to find that player that almost always works out and fills his void

2. His drafting after looking back over all his draft picks made me realize his eye for talent is superb. As you will see in the link, very few of his picks have been busts, and besides Haskin all have contributed in NBA.

3. His ability to rebuild after building a championship team. Even as many fans, media members, etc were criticizing him, he stood true to his vision and now has put together a team that won more games than any other Pacer team, is still young and could be dominate for a long time, and one that has a legit shot at a title, maybe multiple titles.

4. I love his willingness to develop players and the follow through even when the fans and everyone doubts, he stands true. Al, Bender, Freddie, Tinsley, Artest, JO, and thats just this team. From the past...Jalen, AD, Rik, DD, Reggie...all were considered reaches and projects and they all have acheived all star status at some point, besides Rose, but he was close when here.

5. DW has a great relationship with his players and coaches and always treats them with respect and dignity. It is evident by the way players and coaches speak of him even after he has fired or traded them.

6. Lastly and most important to me, DW wants to win and works tirelessly to put a winning team on the floor every night for us fans to support. Thsi is the epitomy of a good GM IMO..is one that wants to win and will take the steps to make it happen.

So anyways wanted to start a thread just looking back over his years. The link doesnt capture everything obviously but it sure highlights some good things and proves DW is one of if not the best GM in the NBA.

Thank you DW for giving us these last 17-18 years of Pacer basketball.