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    The draft will start around noon on Saturday.

    We will be making our selections here on this board.

    Even though we're using a 24 hour draft clock please make every attempt to make your selections as quickly as you can.

    If you see that your turn is coming up & you have to be away, please send me a PM with a list of players & I'll annouce your selection so that we can try to keep this thing moving.

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    Default Re: Draft Info

    I will be away from the computer at 12:10, but I should hopefully be back no later than 12:45.

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    lifeisgood will be out of town, but I will communicate with him and get his picks in. It's also convenient that he and I are grouped together at 23-26.
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    Just FYI, I have to work until 5:00 on Saturday, but I'll take care of things as soon as I get home.

    Jose, I PMed you with my top 4 choices so I won't hold up the first round.

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