Let me clear something up right now.

Peyton Manning Postseason Stats:

# 322 passes attempted
# 193 passes completed
# 2,461 passing yards
# 15 passing touchdowns
# 8 passes intercepted

Tom Brady Postseason Stats:

# 367 passes attempted
# 225 passes completed
# 2493 passing yards
# 15 passing touchdowns
# 5 passes intercepted

Ben Roethlisberget Postseason Stats:

# 147 passes attempted
# 89 passes completed
# 1210 passing yards (226.6 ypg)
# 10 passing touchdowns
# 8 passes intercepted


This shows that obviously Brady isn't much better statistically in the playoffs than Peyton. Hardly any difference at all. That tells me the difference is obviously the rest of the team. Pretty good stats for a super "choker", compared to "Mr. Clutch".

We won't even talk about Ben, he's OBVIOUSLY looking better because of the rest of his team.

Regardless of the close stats, I know Brady is a better clutch player. His timing is impeccable.

I just figured these stats would be surprising for some, the way they dog Peytons playoff performances, and swoon over Brady's.