OK a few ground rules.

1. This thread is for picks only. I'll ask the admin to remove any posts that are solely discussion. Please only post in this thread if you're participating in this league. You are of course welcome to read and follow the action though regardless of which league you are participating in.
2. No inputting your picks out of turn. Do not attempt to post something like "I'll take player A if the poster in front of me doesn't take him, then I'll take player B" or anything similar. Post your pick only when it's your turn and you're "on the clock" so to speak.
3. Draft order will be determined randomly. Each round will progress in reverse order. This means the manager who picks 12th in round 1 picks first in round 2, just like a live draft.
4. After you've made your pick, put who's next up at the end of it.
5. Please have patience with the person who is on the clock. Obviously everyone is going to have things to do outside of this forum. If a poster has taken a long time to make their pick, I will PM them a gentle reminder. I'd like to ask that no other league participants PM the person or otherwise complain to them. If you have a problem, please complain to me and I'll take care of it.

That should just about cover it. I'll edit this post with the draft order later. Good luck and have fun everyone!

OK folks! Here's the draft order. It was determined by randomly assigning a number 1-12 to each league participant, then using an internet randomizer found here http://www.random.org to scramble the numbers. So without further adieu....

1. rexnom
2. Leisure Suit Larry
3. FlavaDave
4. Robertmto
5. granger
6. travmil
7. TRich
8. kshay
9. FrostWolf
10. Miller4Ever
11. Lord Helmet
12. LoneGranger33

The draft order reverses each round. This means that if you pick first in round one, you pick last in round 2, then first in round three, and so on.

So, rexnom, you are officially ON THE CLOCK!