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Thread: Why was my thread removed?

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    Default Why was my thread removed?

    Last night I posted a thread with a poll and ten hours later it is gone.

    I have a list of questions but I will just ask one...


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    Default Re: Why was my thread removed?

    I am pretty sure it aint gone, though it might have been merged with another thread, I am sure the admin responsible will tell you.

    You all have to understand however that if in our opinion the topic is already posted n times that we merge threads

    If we didn't our board would now look the same as the Star board, with F Jax posts on the first 3 pages.
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    Default Re: Why was my thread removed?

    Yes, it was merged with the "should the pacers suspend the players" thread.

    Same topic, so it was moved.
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    Default Re: Why was my thread removed?

    What they said. Please, and this goes to everyone, when you have a question like this, post it on the Feedback board, not the Pacers board.

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    Default Re: Why was my thread removed?


    I am the one who merged your thread with Uncle Bucks thread entitled "should the pacers suspend the players".

    It had nothing to do with whether your post crossed any line but like Able said we have made a very conscious effort to try & keep the main board from becoming clogged with nothing but thread after thread after thread of Jackson & Co. at the strip club.

    I don't remember your content exactly but I think I moved it to this thread because I'm pretty sure you were covering what should occur with the players.

    There was no offense intended on my part & in truth normally we would probably let it go but with this scenario it became obvious very fast to us that this could easily take over our board, just like Able said it has the stars board.

    Everybody would be starting a new thread about the subject every single time they posted.

    In a couple of days I'm sure Hicks will want us to not continue to merge the threads, but in the mean time it has nothing to do with deminishing your post it is just house cleaning.

    If you have any other problems about this or if I can explain something else please give me a p.m.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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    Default Re: Why was my thread removed?

    I was wondering the same thing. I was posting something really profound, and then it disappeared - the profundity was lost.
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