So reading the thread "ROT IN HELL, DMV" Inspired me to post about my recent trip to the post offices. Trust me, I only "wanted" to go to one.

So friday afternoon I set out so sign up for a PO Box at the nearest Post Office. I thought it should be quick and easy...wrong, wrong, wrong.

First off, the lady I was dealing with said they didn't have any small boxes left for $36 and that I would have to get the next cheapest box at $46. Ok fine, no big deal. Remember this though.

After supplying them with my drivers license and the title to my car she said they would have to wait for further address verification.

"How long does that take?" and I fully expected her to say a minute or two because, this is the Post Office isn't it?

"Well, we send a letter..." Ok I stopped listening because after she said that I couldn't believe what I was hearing...Send a letter, what is this 1850?

She explained "Because you don't live in this city, we have to get confirmation from your resident cities post office." Ummm...Milwaukee is kind-off a big city, shouldn't their databases be linked? No, not until 2096...maybe 2106.

"Can you call?" she responded with some BS so I just gave up and grabbed the fax number to this location.

I didn't want to wait two weeks for them to confirm my address and the other PO is only 6 miles away so I decided to drive there and have them fax it over.

So, after bumper to bumper traffic through three miles of major highway reconstruction I arrive at the other post office.

Now I decide I might as well get the PO box here because they have the smallest one availible. Yeah...for $50! Now it really seems as if these post offices are run by different franchises.

It is busy and there is a lady on the phone but she tries to help me out, and I thank her for that, but she gives my stuff to another guy and tells him what to do.

He comes back in two minutes and looks at me like I am retarded "You have been at that address for sixteen years or whatever" Then the manager comes over and asks what the problem is.

So now I have three people looking at me, all on different pages.

I bless that woman because she answered for me and sent me on my way...I think she could tell I was about to lose it.

So this time I take a different way back to the other Post Office.

I get there and a guy helps me out...he grabs the fax and tells me that they only have the smallest $36 PO Box availible.

At this point I didn't even bother because that is just what I wanted...regardless of the lies I was told.

I get my key, test it...everything works and the nightmare was over.

Until....... (I am waiting for something bad to happen and they still have six months to screw with me again)