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    Default Printer question

    I have a Cannon S600 ink jet printer that we had in storage for about a year. I didn't remove the ink cartridges, I know not smart, and now it isn't printing at a very high quality. All of the correct colors print, just not smoothly. Is there a way to clean the printer head, or do I need to replace it with new ink as well?

    This wouldn't be a problem if my other printer wasn't a Dell and i could get ink without ordring it. My fault on that though.

    I'm still curious on how to fix this, but I did find an InkSells store locally that carries the Dell ink I need.

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    I'm sorry nobody knows enough to answer your question. I don't know either, but in the spirit of PD, I won't let that stop me.

    I don't think there's any cleaning to do. Touching the cartridge is usually a no-no. After a year, your cartridge is probably just gummed up/dried out. Replace it and I bet you'll be OK. If you have two cartridges, a black and a color, just replace one at first just to make sure. Go through the cartridge or printer calibrate process as well.

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    Default Re: Printer question


    As far as I know if a ink jet printer sits that long, most of the time the print heads on the cartridges dry-out and are pretty much usless after that. You should be able to replace the cartidges and it should work fine again. At least in my experience. I had one of the same cannon printers. Similar problem.

    I too have swtiched to a dell laser printer. And don't have a back-up cartidge. guess I should start looking around now...thanks for the reminder.

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    Default Re: Printer question

    cleaning the head of the cartridges that holds the ink is quite easy, just take some white spirit, cottton tips and wet the tips in the white spirit, clean the heads carefully (no pushing) put them back in and start printing.

    of course the entire cartridge can be bad, but that is something you will find out after that

    Now this is based on the "jet holes" being "on" the cartridge.
    If not or whn also on the the holder of the cartridges, then do the same on that part, again be careful.

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    Default Re: Printer question

    I think if you're asking your printer questions it may be time to take stock.

    But then I don't have much room to talk.

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