Just after the shock death of The crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, Austrailia mourns again. On Friday Australia learned of the death of racing car legend Peter Brock just outside of my home town Perth.

People talk about what they were doing when they learned of the death of Princess Di. Austrailaian's ans others world wide will talk for many years what they were doing when they found out when Steve Irwin died and what they were doing when they heard that Peter Brock died.

Steve Irwin, you are a legend mate. Take the showmanship and the celebrity status out of it, you did heaps towards conversation. You were a hero.

Peter Brock, again, you are a hero. You won 9 Bathurst's but won 6 in seven years.. International people may not really know about you but you did plenty to make the roads of Australia safer. You campaigned for safer tyres and won and so much more..

Both of you are legends and Australia will always remember you both...