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Thread: A cool new forum toy:

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    Default A cool new forum toy:

    Click on "iSpy" up in the navbar.

    It updates every 7 seconds without reloading the page. I think it'll be fun to have.

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    Default Re: A cool new forum toy:


    I'm loving all the updates and such.

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    Default Re: A cool new forum toy:

    I can see it now.....MS and bulletproof will be screaming about the privacy issues presented with this new spy program!!!!! The spying must stop on all PD citizens!!!!!!!

    (Really I think its a neat feature. Don't know that I'll use it all that much, but still neat.)

    FREE Btown!!!!

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    Default Re: A cool new forum toy:

    Thanks to some dialogue with the creator of this mod, it's not modified to where when you click on the link to the thread in question, it now takes you directly to that post within the thread instead of just the start of the thread. MUCH better that way!

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    Default Re: A cool new forum toy:

    I never had any idea how handy this is for those of us who sit at work refreshing this page all day. Awesome.

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