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    Default Quiet

    could it be so quiet around pacertown because of what happened with the Al situation? it is quiet, too quiet.....i think i like it

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    Default Re: Quiet

    I hate it, it's so boring. Just 5 weeks till training camp.

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    Default Re: Quiet

    I expect one more trade before the season starts.....

    but I won't speculate.
    "He wanted to get to that money time. Time when the hardware was on the table. That's when Roger was going to show up. So all we needed to do was stay close"
    Darnell Hillman (Speaking of former teammate Roger Brown)

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    Default Re: Quiet

    I don't think another trade is in the works, be it for better or for worse...I just don't see anyone being traded, save for Foster...I think Tinsley and Jackson will be on the roster on opening day.

    Prediction: No trade until at least a couple weeks into the season, but I could very well be completely wrong.

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    Default Re: Quiet

    Need to sign a shooter

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    Default Re: Quiet

    Usually when it's quiet something is more likely to happen, but given the time of year, I have no idea. Even Rick was hired around now in 2003, and that was considered a late hiring. But that's a coach, not a player.

    I admit I expected 1 more move (not that I'd heard anything too specific), but at this point I really don't know.

    Either way, thank God that training camp is finally only a month (and a few days) away, and one way or another we have to get down to 15 by the end of October.

    It'd be a bit of a let down for me, but I'm starting to believe we'll simply make 3 cuts during the preseason and be done with it.

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    I just dont know what we could get for Jax, and I know we wouldnt get anything for Tins. Their about the only two that I would want to give up besides Saras and hes about the same as them.

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