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Thread: Hurricane Ernesto heading my way!

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    Default Hurricane Ernesto heading my way!

    Last night the track had it going up the west coast of FL (at Will Galen). Now the track has changed multiple times, all toward me (north of West Palm Beach, 10 miles inland from the East coast and even latitude with Lake Ochechobee).

    The 11 AM course adjustment has the eye directly over me on Wednesday morning.

    Oh, joy.

    Time to batten down the hatches.

    Gas up the cars (done!), get gas for the generator, nonperishable food (done!), drinking water (done!), put up the hurricane shutters, and hope for the best.
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    Default Re: Hurricane Ernesto heading my way!

    Good Luck Tom. If nothing else, it at least looks like it will be a weaker hurricane.

    Stay safe our friend.

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    Default Re: Hurricane Ernesto heading my way!

    When I first came down here to Florida, I had the weather channel on all Summer long. My first Hurricane I went way overboard. (plywood, masking tape, sandbags)

    Now after 12 years I find out about Hurricanes by reading the headlines online. And my preparations are minimal. That's because once you have a hurricane kit together you only have to replace what you've used.

    Where I live, .8 miles from the gulf, I only have to leave if the hurricane is a major one. The only time I would have had to leave home because of a hurricane I was already vacationing in Indiana.

    Heres a tip for you Tom. The Red Cross says to store one gallon of water per person per day. (for drinking and other purposes) What I've did is instead of buying plastic jugs to put water in, or buying water at the last second, I keep my used plastic milk jugs, wash them, and put them in plastic trash bags. That way if, needed, all I have to do is fill the jugs up before a storm.

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