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Thread: AL/Pacers mentioned on PTI yesterday...

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    Default AL/Pacers mentioned on PTI yesterday...

    I always DVR the espn show PTI,I was watching it last night and when they have that last 1 minute run down before the end of the show they mentioned the pacers.

    It was wilbon and bob ryan..Wilbon says-"the pacers finally get al harrington from ATL...bob,big deal or not??". bob-"I'd say that 18points and 8 rebounds a game is a big deal". Wilbon agreed.

    Sorry I cant upload the clip,my dumb cable company wont enable my usb ports on my box.
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    Default Re: AL/Pacers mentioned on PTI yesterday...

    If Michael Wilbon says it's a big deal, I believe it's a big deal.

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