I have learned TWO things in my life:
(1) always carry a pen. I'm retired so now I make my wife carry it.
(2) Life is too short to work for jerks.

Stay, find another job, don't give any notice.

Anybody object to the last part? You're a temp. If they don't want you to work there anymore how much notice will YOU get? I've been both a salesman and a contractor (temp if you will) for many years. The answer is none. I once gave 2 weeks notice and was fired on the spot.

I believe you're in Lafayette. I went to school there and I used to make sales calls in Lafayette. There are more employers in Tippecanoe County than you can shake a stick at. If any new potential employers ask if they can contact your current employer, say no. Don't be elaborate about why you're leaving either. "I'm looking for a permanent position where I can show what I am capable of doing."

By the time you've got this new job under your belt, your old supervisor will be doing something else and will never have to be contacted for your next next job.