I have been thinking about this and I still believe we will trade with ATL, however, it will be in the form of the 3 way trade. We still make the perfect trading partner with ATL since we have the TE and they don't want to take back contracts.

I think we might end up being part of a trade in which we get Harrington for our TE and maybe a draft pick and then trade him to the third team... This would help us in many ways, because we would no longer only have to take back contracts 7.6 million or less as we would by using the TE. If Harrington is signed for 7.6 million during his first year and we trade for him and then send him to the third team we can actually take back a player making 9.5 Million. What is even better is that we can even then package one of our players (foster?) with Harrington and bring back a near max player because we couldn't package another player with the TE but we can with Harrington. So I have a feeling something like this will happen and if we ended up with someone like say Ray Allen (or some other good second scoring option) and all we give up is maybe Foster and a draft pick and our TE then I would be extreamly happy.. Thoughts about us being part of a three team trade now?