I often listen to the two Boston sports radio stations (WEEI and WWZN) while driving in my car, and it's interesting to hear some of the very different opinions given by the two stations on the Pacers.

On WEEI (Boston's main sports radio station), one of the morning show hosts was saying that this Pacers team reminded him a little of the Celtics championship teams of the '80s. His feeling after watching the game last night was that the Pacers toyed with the Celts for 3 quarters, then decided that enough was enough in the 4th and went ahead and crushed the C's in the closing quarter as they should've done all along.

On WWZN (the Celtics flagship station), the opinion of the afternoon hosts was that while the Pacers are easily head-and-shoulders above the Celtics in terms of overall talent, they don't seem to have developed yet that "killer, step-on-your-throat-and-don't-let-you-breathe" instinct that a title-contending team needs to have in the playoffs.

One thing in common for both stations though: neither felt that the Celts would be around in this series much longer...