Im finally at a point where Im just not in the mood to deal with extra baggage/drama that the sheep bring along with 'em....Come Monday Im swearin off sheep for a week...if i manage to get through it...i'll try to push it for 10 days..etc...

just a few examples:
Sheep #1 : cool sheep with a psycho ex-ram who is sending his friends to stalk her.

Girl #2: not so cool sheep who is sending me mixed signals as if she's a potential stalker...

Girl #3: alright sheep but complains waay too much that we don't see each other enough and when I tell her to meet up on a given time, she says she is busy and picks a time when i'll be busy.

and considering the fact that 90% of my friends are sheep in this country *Hospitality major seems to draw in the Hungarian sheep for some reason. * it'll be a tough one....add on the fact that my brother and best friend are now in serious relationships...Im "Singled out"

Next week it's going to be a lot of free time where I can finally focus on my life...get my work done and finally clear my head...all this crap for just some lovin ain't worth it.

And doesn't mean Im jumping ships to become someone who doesn't like beastiality.