Indiana gives Philadelphia 7.5 mil trade exception
Indiana gives lottery-protected #1 to Phil
Indiana receives Al Harrington (6 years starts at 7.5 mil)
even money swap

Philadelphia gives up Iverson (18.3 mil)
Phil receives 7.5 mil trade exception
Phil receives Marvin Williams (4.2 mil)
Phil receievs Tyron Lue (3.5 mil)
Phil receives Josh Childress (2.9 mil)
Phil receives lottery-protected #1 from Atl
Phil receives lottery-protected #1 from Ind
even money swap

Atlanta receives AI (18.3 million)
Atlanta sends Al Harrington to Indiana
Atl sends Williams, Lue, and Childress to Philly
Atlanta sends lottery-protected #1 to Phil
Atlanta is inder the cap so they can absorb the extra salary

Why for Indiana?
Al for a future #1 and TE is good value

Why for Atl?
AI for a #1 and 3 young players is a little steep but they keep the core of Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Zaza, and Shelden Williams as a solid set of starters with AI. Maybe the first round pick is too much, and a #2 pick is OK instead.

Why for Philly?
The TE lets them reduce salary and rebuild with young talent and draft picks.