since this is speculation, i think i better put it here rather than the main forum.

will all the talk of who we can get with the trade exception, how come there's no interest in drew gooden? he's younger and a better rebounder than al is.

that said, there's a couple of caveats. one, we'll need to sign and trade with the cavs for him. not sure how either team feels about trading within the division. the other thing is with gooden himself. how can a young big guy with potential be on his 3rd team in 4 years? and the cavs don't look like they're all that eager to keep him either. something fishy there...

anyway, the sense i get from lurking in a cavs forum is as follows: gooden is nice to have, but he doesn't really fit. that said, they'll want to keep him if his price tag is in the 6-year, $45m range. pacers can potentially offer a 6-year, $57m deal in a s&t.

also, they want to get rid of damon jones and his 3 years, $12m remaining contract, since they've picked up 2 combo guards in the draft.

the deal i've put together then looks like this:

pacers trade jamaal tinsley + trade exception for drew gooden (s&t) and damon jones + filler (probably sasha pavlovic)

pacers will probably need to add more incentives, like adding a future pick.

for the cavs, they essentially trade gooden for a starting pg (if they're willing to bet on tins' health), with the side bonus that they dump salary. for the pacers, we have a new pf to pair with j.o., with damon jones getting some time as a spot-up shooter. sasha will probably be waived.

i'm out... flame away