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Guess we have to disagree, because I think the '98 team was our best NBA team. Another scoring option and we take advantage of that 7th game situation.
I'm with you, I think that was the best Pacers squad as well. It's not like Chicago only had Jordan and barely won games that year. It took Kukoc going totally off to save Chicago from losing what would have been Jordan's only game 7 loss ever and IN CHICAGO.

I mean the Pacers had a 4th quarter lead over Mike in Chi-town in game 7 of the ECF. That was not exactly normal. Mike didn't go to game 7's, let alone lose them.

he was untouched
You're right, he was untouched. McKey jumped into his position before Mike was moving. MJ then tried to step past McKey and put his toe right into McKey's PLANTED UNMOVING foot, and down he went. MJ might have had special rules but the refs got that one right.

<-- me, at a bar in Houston (hellava time in the Pacers history to move out of town )

And honestly most of the fouls he drew you could see the wrist slaps, arm grabs and all the other inside fouling that actually does go on, the refs aren't wrong nearly as much as causal fans think. I find that when I sit close these fouls jump out at me a lot easier than when I watch on TV or from up high.

Personally I hate the Pacers fans that cry BS at every call even when the call is painfully obvious. I usually am more bent at the player for doing what we all could see him doing. Usually...cause I ain't saying the refs are 100% right, those blind