This was touched upon in the Daniels article, but I'm watching the video, and Donnie is asked what NBA player Quis reminds him of:

Daniels reminds me of a different type of player, a Derrick McKey type of player. That, you know you can sit and talk about starting, and scoring, and all the things you want to talk about. But if you were to ask me right now who was one of the best players we ever had, in our franchise, I'd say Derrick McKey. For exactly that reason. You can play him anywhere. If he started, fine. If he didn't start, fine. He'd play 1, you know, he'd play any position you wanted. And he was always there when the game was on the line. And always did the most important things. You know he either got the rebound at the right time, or he stopped the shot, or he got a steal. He made the 3-point shot, right when you had to have it. And I call them winning players. And I think Marquis fits into that role somewhere.

At the 13:30 mark.

And for all the youngin's who don't know better, Peck's nickname for McKey is "Satan".