Assuming Al Harrington is not acquired where will the Pacers get their offense from??

With it now a sure thing Peja Stojakovic and 20 ppg is gone. It appears Fred Jones' 10 ppg is gone . Croshere's scoring is gone also.

At this point we know Danny Granger will score more even if he raises his scoring average to 15 ppg thats only a 7ppg increase.Marquis Daniels will prob average about the same as Fred did assuming Jackson isn't traded.

That still leaves Croshere's 7ppg and and 13 of Stojakovic's to make up.

Where are those 20ppg going to come from????

I'm still holding out hope Al Harrington is required , because even though Shawne Williams and James White are good prospects its questionable how much help they will be this season.