Something that is posted over and over again is that moves are on the way, moves are coming. Everyone's for it. It sounds great. Then you take a look at our mediocre roster and the question that comes up is: What GM in their right mind would take some of these guys? It's impossible to find any players that we want out of here that have any substantial trade value. GM's aren't in the business of taking the Pacers collective crap off of their hands for players with actual value. I think some of you are going to be severely disappointed when the Pacers start next season with a roster largely similar.

Let's look at these players one by one.

Austin Croshere: Has trade value only because of his expiring contract, would be more likely to be shipped midseason. One of the few good attitudes on the team.

Jeff Foster: A hard player, but I don't think teams will be lining up to get him.

Eddie Gill: Free agent, nothing to be said there anyway.

Danny Granger: A good kid. Management seems to like him. Fans like him. Would be extremely unlikely for him to be traded.

David Harrison: A possible prospect. Work ethic a concern. The Pacers probably need to hang on to him as he is one of the only true centers here.

Stephen Jackson: Who wants this guy? Why would any GM trade for him? No GM would want him for the same reasons everyone wants him gone.

Sarunas Jasikevicius: Not the first year most of us had hoped for. Good maybe spark the interest of some teams, but he's not going to net you anyone worth much.

Anthony Johnson: Probably one of the few good attitudes here. It's hard to want to kick a guy out the door after he played his *** off for you in the playoffs. He could be used as an add on in a deal, but he won't be enough to get you anyone worth much.

Fred Jones: Free agent.

Jermaine O'Neal: The trade rumors constantly come up, but I think we all know he isn't going anywhere unless we got someone huge in return.

Scot Pollard: Free agent.

Peja Stojakovic: Gone.

Jamaal Tinsley. Injured constantly. Attitude a concern. No one would trade a starting caliber pg for this guy.

James White, Shawne Williams: Just drafted.

That's our roster right there. I want to know how we are going to make substantial upgrades with that extremely mediocre roster. We'll probably use the full MLE, that will help. But what trades can Bird/Walsh pull with that? If they can make substantial roster changes with that collective garbage, they will have pulled off one of the most brilliant offseasons for a franchise in NBA history.

I get so tired of seeing "Jax/Tins/Foster" for X, X, and X. Why would anyone want that? Team's want to win. Teams aren't in the market to take the Pacers collective garbage off of their hands. If I was a fan of a team that had just traded someone that was decent for Stephen Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley, I'd probably jump off of a cliff.

There are only 2 players on the Pacers roster who would spark interest of other GM's. Jermaine O'Neal and Danny Granger, and those are the 2 players most of us want to see back (I'd be open to O'Neal leaving only if we were getting a huge player in return). I would view the rest of the roster as nothing but mediocrity. Croshere would intrigue me only because of his expiring contract. Why would anyone want to give up something good for the rest of those guys? They're the epitome of mediocre NBA players.

Sorry, I just think the Pacers are going to enter next season with a roster that is largely similar to this. We will probably use the MLE and the vet's exception. But as far as trades, I don't see many happening. I think Bird/Walsh are definitely trying, but GM's are GM's for a reason, they know a little about the game. No GM wants a cancer like Stephen Jackson. There may be someone out there who'd want to give Tinsley a try, but honestly, who'd give up a starting caliber point guard, which is what the Pacers need, for him?