With todays news,a couple of things are clear with the Knicks. They won't be winning anything anytime soon and Dolan is becoming sick of the outlandish cash flow. His anger with Brown stems mostly from the Francis and Rose trades that brown wasa big part of and now he is going to have to eat the majority of Larrys $40mm.

Everybody wants Isiah gone but Dolan keeps him IMO to accomplish a couple of things............dump salary and then dump him. He has to pay him anyway so why not.

With this in mind.....I think Francis and either Crawford or Richardson will be traded for tax relief in later years.

The only way I see the Pacers being involved is if they can rid themselves of BOTH Jax and Tins in the deal. Which means a 3rd or possibly 4th team needs to be involved.

The Knicks will want expiring contracts while a team like the Pacers will not pay any luxury taxes. Croshere would solve the issue between the teams but would leave the Pacers thin up front with no other flexibility.

Guessing the other teams would be almost fruitless but the final analysis for Indy would see Francis traded for both Jax and Tins. For the three remaining years of his contract, Francis would cost the Ps a little more than the combined salaries of the other two but would end a couple of years earlier and thus actually cut debt from the books.

And certainly his game if coddled properly, could be exactly wht the Pacers need. By resigning Freddie and Peja, the loss of the Jax and Tins would be minimal.