I was talking with one of my friends today about the NBA game. How the rules have changed to increase scoring and such. But we were talking of another way to increase scoring.

How about this, take away the 3 point shot and the dunk in the NBA.

Why you ask? People love the dunk and the 3s. But the thing is, very few players have an inbetween game and even if they do, they usually either try and hit a 3 or they dunk.

Let me give an example of how this would increase scoring.

It was like in college in the 60s or 70s, Kareem Abdual-Jabbar was the reasoning they banned the dunk for some time because the NCAA was afraid KAJ was going to dominate the college game to much if he could dunk. So what did KAJ, he developed a shot that is almost impossiable to block, the sky hook. Can you imagne if some of these big men today had a sky hook?

Then now we see with Dirk Nowitzki, under Avery Johnson he shoots fewer 3 pointers and therefore he is not only harder to guard, but the Dallas Mavericks are harder to guard as a team.

It's hard to imagne basketball without the dunk and 3 point shot. But I for one wouldn't mind seeing it played without those two things. I think it would be very interesting. Of course it will never happen, but that's not really the point.