>>Who says “blowing a team up” doesn’t work?

I’m pretty much now convinced there isn’t a damn problem with “blowing a team up.” Not in today’s league.

Look at the final four teams this year and what do you see?

Suns this year-

Shawn Marion
Steve Nash
Kurt Thomas
Raja Bell
Amare Stoudemire
James Jones
Brian Grant
Boris Diaw
Leandro Barbosa
Eddie House
Pat Burke
Dijon Thompson
Jared Reiner
Sharrod Ford
Josh Davis
Tim Thomas

Last year-

Shawn Marion
Steve Nash
Quentin Richardson
Joe Johnson
Amare Stoudemire
Jake Voskuhl
Zarko Cabarkapa
Bo Outlaw
Casey Jacobsen
Maciej Lampe
Leandro Barbosa
Steven Hunter
Jackson Vroman
Yuta Tabuse

The highlighted players are the only holdovers. Four guys. Four guys?!! Suns were in the WCF two years in a row.

The Heat? This year-

Shaquille O'Neal
Jason Williams
Antoine Walker
James Posey
Udonis Haslem
Dwyane Wade
Michael Doleac
Dorell Wright
Alonzo Mourning
Gary Payton
Shandon Anderson
Jason Kapono
Wayne Simien
Andre Emmett
Earl Barron
Gerald Fitch

Last year?

Shaquille O'Neal
Eddie Jones
Dwyane Wade
Damon Jones
Michael Doleac
Malik Allen
Wesley Person
Rasual Butler
Dorrell Wright
Christian Laettner
Shandon Anderson
Keyon Dooling
Wang Zhizhi
Jerome Beasley
Udonis Haslem

Heat were in the conference finals two years running and are now going for the title.

Dallas has essentially stayed the same the past two years (although look the their roster three years ago) and the same could be said about Detroit. (Once again, look at three years ago.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s a new model for winning a title these days, in my book. Make radical rosters changes, give it a couple of years, if it doesn’t work, try again.

Slow and steady doesn’t get it anymore. Adding a piece here and there and pulling a wait and see will get you a wait and watch on the couch in your living room.

The reason I bring this up is the radical change of opinion in this forum. I did a little checking, and in a forum poll at the begining of the season, something like %30 of us felt that the Pacers would be playing for the title and another big chunk felt we’d either get to the second round or be in the ECF. The midset was ‘keep these guys together. Now? Well, you know.

I’m more convinced now than ever, that we should not fear a “blowing up” of the team. (Not that it will happen. Just 3 weeks ago, Bird flat out said he doesn’t plan on any major changes, just shipping out those who are lazy, selfish or have bad attitudes if they don't shape up. )

Who cares if we make a trade for Garnett (All you JO for Garnett naysayers) and give ourselves a 2-3 year window? Or you Stephen Jackson lovers, so what if he gets dealt. Maybe he’s a one hit wonder and simply had a stern Popovich and the wonder that is Duncan to make him better.

I guess I’m just venting my possible future aggravation. No matter what noise I hear from the front office or media, I just KNOW we aren’t going to make any changes of note. I see one trade, that’s it. Other than that, I suspect it’ll be business as usual.

And that scares me.

I feel maintaining your roster gives you no more leg up on the competition that it does keeping one key player (Nash, Shaq, Dirk, Ben Wallace), throwing caution to the wind and reshuffling the deck every three years or so.

Which of course leads back into the previous thread about whether or not JO is a franchise guy who you build a team around. Is he? Check out other’s answers in rexrom’s thread.

Man, I hope we majorly re-tool this roster. But this is the great Midwest, heartland of conservatism and we have a team run by pretty conservative guys. I’m not seeing it.

Someone convince me my anticipatory frustration is unfounded. Is there any way you REALLY see us making some big trades? How many of you think "blowing up a team" (not just this team. Any team.) is a bad thing?