So I was thinking about how I'd fix the team, and I thought about the ever-rumored JO-for-KG swap. Of course, that's not a good deal for the T-Wolves right now, so I wondered what it would take to make it work. They'd need to get rid of some salary... they have some serious long-term committments they'll want to get out from.


First off, include JO and KG. Easy. Then throw in Croshere (ending contract) and Troy Hudson (their worst contract). Then include Jack and AJ for Marko Jaric and their #6 pick.

JO/Cro/Jack/AJ for KG/Jaric/Hudson/Pick.

Yeah, we'd need more moves after that. But we'd have a great pick to play with, plus we'd keep our mid-round pick. We'd clear up about $5 mil in salary, which is significant.

You think they'd do it? They don't get a bunch of attractive young talent in return, but they do get solid players (possibly 3 starters) and they get rid of their two worst contracts.