1st two confirmed playoff matchups as of 4/18.....

Western Conference:

#3 Denver Nuggets vs #6 LA Clippers (Clippers with home court)

#4 Dallas Mavericks vs #5 Memphis Grizzlies

At first glance, Dallas is a massive favorite over Memphis, but Memphis has historically played Dallas extremely well.

Also, don't discount Mike Fratello vs a much younger Avery Johnson. Fratello's style is very condusive for the playoffs.

Pau vs Dirk might be the best 1 on 1 matchup of the 1st round. Two big men having career seasons, and both play very different styles.

As for Denver/LA.....

Denver has a better team on paper. They have better chemistry, the better go-to guy, and the better defense.

However, home-court and the fact they really have nobody to guard Brand inside will really hurt them. LA also has the veteran leadership in Golem, while Denver is a bit younger.

In the end, whoever wins the frontcourt battle will probably win the series. Neither team gets a lot of production out of their guards on a regular basis.