To Indiana:
- Andre Miller

To Denver:
- Stephen Jackson
- Anthony Johnson

What this deal gives us is some quickness in the backcourt. Miller is a solid defender and great playmaker. He also is very durable having played in no less than 80 games in each of his season in the NBA.

We get rid of a headcase in Jackson and give them Johnson so we can upgrade at the 1 and to make salaries work. Plus they will likely demand a PG in return if Miller is dealt.

As for Denver they need a shooting guard who can shoot and Jackson is one of their best opitions out there. AJ and Bookyins would make a good PG tandem.

Of course though this trade depends on one thing:

- Us trading Tinsley. We can't have Tinsley, Miller, and Saras on this team. To much salary for 3 PGs.

One thing I like about Miller is that he doesn't shoot a lot of threes. He isn't a good long range shooter which isn't good but I like the fact that he plays to his strengths.

Again, we would have to have Tinsley dealt to do this deal and I don't have any idea at the moment for that.

What do you guys think of this deal? I think it is fair, realistic, and good for both teams.