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Thread: The mock draft thread, 2006 NBA draft

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    Man I really don't want JJ.

    His back problem really concerns me ALOT. We are seeing how TMac is doing with a bad back.

    As far as his game, he is good and I think he will be a pretty decent player in the NBA. If he falls to us he will be the best player avaliable but with that bad back I wouldn't touch him. If he falls to 17 let him fall to 18.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr._Basketball
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    Brad Miller is a 7'0 center.

    Pittsnoggle is a 6'8 small forward.

    Big difference in the type of athleticism required.
    Pittsnoggle is 6'11" and 250
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    Word on the Street: Redick Slipping? (Last Update: 5:47 PM)
    Jonathan Givony - President
    June 27, 2006

    Update 3:

    Last Minute Workouts

    In addition to O’Bryant working out for Golden State and the Lakers getting a last second look at Jordan Farmar, the Memphis Grizzlies had Alexander Johnson and Leon Powe today, with this being Johnson’s second workout in front of Jerry West. Johnson is flying to New York next to have breakfast with Isiah Thomas. The #24 spot is now considered Johnson’s floor, with a lot of interest coming at #17 (Indiana), #18 (Washington), #19 (Sacramento), #20 (New York) and #22 or #23 (New Jersey).

    The Clippers also had Kevin Pittsnogle and Paul Davis in today to workout for the #34 pick.

    The Miami Heat conducted their first and last workout for this year's NBA draft, having no picks and only a few assests like Dorell Wright, Wayne Simien and Michael Doleac that they might be able to parlay into a late 1st round pick. The players who were in attendance were Guillermo Diaz, Yotam Halperin, Terrell Everett and Curtis Stinson.
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    I know that Rodney Carney is great in dunks. What are other his attributes??

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    ESPN doesnt cover this draft for ****. NFL Draft is covered like crazy, they had a damn NFL Live 3 times a day covering each position in the draft.

    If some how Lebron and Kobe could get involved in the draft I bet they would talk about it 20 hours a day.

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