I thought this was pretty interesting. Look at some of the picks coming to teams that they'll get to factor in for off season dealings. One team that struck me is Boston. Given their team make-up right now, they can trade for a key cog (PG or impact C) and have some low cost draft pick players to nurture as their young squad matures. They are great shape to me.

Anways, as you make those trade scenarios, bear this stuff in mind.
2006 Outstanding Trades Transaction Page
ESPN - NBA Transactions

Updated: 4.22.06

First Rounders

Chicago receives New York's 2006 first round pick (no protection) condition: (unless it is pick 26-30 in which case it goes to Utah) (Eddy Curry trade 100405)

Detroit receives a 2008 Orlando (top 5 protected) first-round pick. (Darko Milicic trade 021506)

LA Lakers receive Miami's 2006 first-round pick. (Shaquille O'Neal trade 071404)

New Jersey Nets receives a 2006 (unprotected) LA Clippers first-round pick (Kenyon Martin trade 071504) via Denver receives a future LA Clippers first-round pick (Maggette 062800) via Orlando (Reid 080102)

NO/Okla City receives Milwaukee's 2006 first round pick. (unprotected) (Jamal Magloire trade 102605)

New York receives San Antonio's 2006 first round pick (top 10 protected) (Nazr Mohammed trade 022405)

Portland receives a (conditional) 2006 Utah first round pick (Deron Williams trade 062805) via Utah receives a future 2006 Detroit first-round pick (lottery protected) (Arroyo trade 012105)
Second Rounders

Cleveland receives a Philadelphia 2006 second round pick (Lee Nailon trade 022306)

Houston receives New York's 2006 second-round pick. (Maurice Taylor trade 022405)

Los Angeles Clippers receive Charlotte's 2006 second-round pick (House and Ely trade 071304)

Minnesota receives a 2006 second-round pick from Phoenix. (Nikoloz Tskitishvili trade 012606)

Orlando receives a future Utah second round pick (Deshawn Stevenson trade 021904) via Utah receives 2nd of (2) future Sacramento second-round picks (Keon Clark trade 080503)

Orlando receives a Cleveland second round pick (Drew Gooden trade 072304) via Cleveland receives a Milwaukee second round pick (Jiri Welsch trade 062805)

Philadelphia has the right to swap 2006 second round picks with New Jersey (Marc Jackson trade 080905)

Philadelphia receives a Cleveland 2006 second round pick (conditional Cleveland must finish with 58-60 pick) (Lee Nailon trade 022306)

Seattle receives a 2006 Memphis second round pick (Lawrence Roberts trade 062805)

Toronto receives a 2006 New Orleans second round pick (Aaron Williams trade 012906) via NO/Okla City receives a Boston 2006 second round pick (Dan Dickau trade 093005) via Boston receives a 2006 Miami second-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 080205)

Utah receives a Chicago second-round pick in 2006 (John Amaechi trade 093003). via Houston (Bryce Drew trade 092800)
2007 Outstanding Trades

Here is a list of the outstanding traded draft picks for the 2007 NBA Draft. Because of the complexity of this list, it is presumably not 100% complete. If you find any inaccuracies or unlisted outstanding trades, please contact (be specific, and provide a link if possible) and we'll correct them.

For more info on traded picks please visit: Transaction Page
ESPN - NBA Transactions

Updated: 4.22.06

First Rounders
Boston receives a future conditional Minnesota first-round pick. (Wally Szczerbiak trade 012606)
Boston receives a 2007 Cleveland (top 10 protected) first-round pick. (Jiri Welsh trade 022405)
Charlotte receive a future conditional Toronto first-round pick (lottery protected thru 2008). (Pavlovic trade 062204) via Cleveland receives a future Toronto first round pick (Lamond Murray trade 092502)
Chicago has the right to swap first round picks in 2007 with New York Knicks (Eddy Curry trade 100405)
Denver receives a 2007 Dallas Mavericks first-round pick. (Nikoloz Tskitishvili trade 022405) via Golden State receives a (protected) 2007 Dallas first-round pick. (Erick Dampier trade 082404)
Golden State receives a future Philadelphia first-round pick. (Erick Dampier trade 082404) via Dallas receives a future (2007 and beyond) Philadelphia (protected) first-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 102003) via Atlanta (Glenn Robinson trade 072303)
Los Angeles Clippers receives Minnesota's 2007 first-round pick (Marko Jaric trade 081205)
New York receives a first round pick from Toronto (Antonio Davis trade) via Toronto receives a 2006 Denver Nuggets first-round pick (Vince Carter trade 121704) Via New Jersey. [New Jersey Nets receives a 2006 Denver first-round pick (Kenyon Martin 071504)
Phoenix receives a future Atlanta first round pick (Joe Johnson trade 081905) via Atlanta receives a Boston 2006 first-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 022405) The first-round draft pick the Hawks will receive is the lesser of the Celtics’ own 2006 first-round pick and the pick they obtained from the Lakers on August 13, 2004 as part of the Payton deal. (Regardless of when the Hawks receive the pick, it is lottery protected.) via Boston receives a 2006 Los Angeles Lakers first-round pick. (Gary Payton trade 080604) The pick is protected through 10 in 2006 and through 5 in 2007.
Phoenix receive a first round pick from Atlanta (Joe Johnson trade 081905) The Suns will receive Atlanta's own first round pick no later than the 2008 NBA Draft. That pick which is "lottery" protected (1-14) in 2006, has protection through No. 3 in 2007 and has no protection in 2008.
Utah receives a future New York first-round pick (lottery protected through 2010) (Tom Gugliotta trade 021904) via Phoenix (Marbury trade) Phoenix receives a 2005 New York Knicks first-round pick (lottery protected) (010504 Marbury trade)
Second Rounders
Boston receives a Phoenix 2007 second-round pick. (Walter McCarty trade 020805) via Phoenix receives a 2007 conditional Golden State Warriors second-round pick (Carbakapa trade 010305)
Boston receives a 2009 Miami second-round pick. (Antoine Walker trade 080205)
Charlotte receives a 2007 second round pick from Sacramento (Jason Hart trade 080205)
Chicago receives New York Knicks second round picks in 2007 (Eddy Curry trade 100405)
Chicago receives New York Knicks second round picks in 2009 (Eddy Curry trade 100405)
Dallas receives a 2007 Denver second-round pick or cash (Satterfield trade 092501)
Detroit receives Minnesota's 2007 second round pick (Ronald Durpee trade 062805)
Golden State receives Minnesota's 2007 second-round pick. (Marc Jackson trade 022102)
Golden State receives a 2007 second-round pick from New Jersey (Clifford Robinson trade 021405)
Indiana receives Phoenix's 2008 second-round pick. (James Jones trade 022405)
LA Lakers receives a 2007 second-round pick from Charlotte. (Jumaine Jones trade 102605)
LA Lakers receive a 2008 second-round pick from Charlotte. (Kareem Rush trade 120604)
Milwaukee receives two second-round picks from Houston. (Mike James trade 022405)
Minnesota receives 2 second-round picks from Boston. (Ricky Davis trade 012606)
Phoenix receives a conditional 2007 Charlotte second-round pick (Jake Voskuhl trade 080205)
Phoenix receives a 2008 Cleveland second-round pick (Milt Palacio trade 091702)
Phoenix receives a 2009 unconditional Golden State Warriors second-round pick (Zarko Carbakapa trade 010305)
Seattle receives a 2007 Memphis second round pick (Lawrence Roberts trade 062805)
Seattle receives a 2008 Denver second round pick (Earl Watson trade 022306)
Toronto receives a 2009 New Orleans second round pick (Aaron Williams trade 012906)

Utah receives a conditional 2008 Sixers second-round pick (protected Top 40 thru 2008-2010) (60th pick trade 060705)