As most of you know (or *should* know), I hate the Celtics more than anything else in life - even having opera tickets on a game night.

I hate everything about them. I'm not usually kidding around if I say something mean about the Celtics, or Red Auerbach, or thier legion of fans in Central Indiana, or any of those arrogant - ing mother- s. Jay's_Dad@Section222 feels the same way.

So last spring, when we played those heads in the playoffs, Jay's_Daughter@Section222 must've picked up on what I really think of the Celtics, and she went around all summer saying "We don't like the green guys." I thought that was music to my ears.

Fast forward to last night, we were shooting baskets on the little Fisher Price goal in the basement, and I thought it was time to start working on her game face, since the real season starts soon. So I asked her what she thought of the Green Guys? She said, "There are no bad guys."

Jay's_Wife@Section222 seems to think that teaching her good sportsmanship and to respect the opponent is better than instilling my bitterness in her.

Now what should I do?