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Thread: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

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    Default heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    We got to the game (my tenth of the year, btw!) about 10 minutes after the doors opened, only to have our tickets register STOP! at the scanners...We had to go to the will call windows to get it ironed out. I don't know what they did, but they took all of our tickets and had them for about 5 minutes, gave them back and then they worked. We bought them from

    I got Croshere's autograph, got Boomer's & Bowser's too (for my kids) and talked to DJ Paul B for about 10 minutes. We rolled on up to our Sec. 223, Row 1 seats and got ready to see the Pacers kick some *** to brighten their playoff outlook.

    I will echo the sentiments that "at least we won", but man is it tough to see two different 16 point leads evaporate in the same game against a team playing for nothing when we were fighting to get the Nets instead of the Heat. JO was a monster. I dug his speech too. He seems to feel a connection to fans even though we may be a fickle bunch every now and then (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

    On to the pics...


    It was nice to see JO come out for warmups, but did he have to wait until about 5 minutes before they shoo'ed all the autograph seekers out? What does a guy gotta do to get JO's John Hancock, aside from buying the "three months salary" tickets?

    JO laying it out there before the game...

    JO was money all night...well, until the fourth.

    I love it when Peja takes it to the hoop...

    Foster laid out in the scary moment described in Peck's thread...when I zoom in on this, he is definitely grimacing as he lays there looking like roadkill.

    Nice to see Boomer giving DJ Paul B some grief...He was banging his loud-*** drum right behind Paul when he had an open mic...He looked back a couple times and Boomer recognized, so he quit, but then did it a couple more times at the end of Paul's run just to mess with him. (or so it seemed from the balcony)

    I want this guys job. HINT: I'll do it for free. For the first year anyway!
    He was walking around with an all-access laminate snapping publicity shots all night. Bastage. My camera is cooler than his though...(I had to get some kinda shot in...)

    I liked JO's touch around the rim last night. He is definitely the franchise player who should be untouchable when he plays like that...Of course he could be upping his trade value for us to deal him in the offseason too...

'd this picture get in there?! I uploaded it, I might as well post it...The ladies were very accomodating in posing and were very sweet. Thanks Darcy, Nikki, and Melanie! BTW, you can see the same friend who rednecked me in the picture with Pacemates two years ago getting ready to do it again. I had a nice shot ready with me and three beautiful, sweet ladies and he has to muscle his way into the shot....SIGH...

    Here he is after he shoe-horned his way in...I only post this one because it is a better shot...

    I'm looking forward to getting some playoff tickets....Not sure I'm ready for this season to end yet without going to at least one more game...


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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Great shots, Heywoode.

    Be carefull, though. People get made when you mention JO hot hitting his 4th quarter shots....

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Great pics as always heywoode...thanks for sharing!

    Lucky guy, getting to meet those Pacemates I tell ya. I saw a few of them in the hall while I was down there in March but was too intimidated to say anything or get a picture. It doesn't seem like they mind though - so maybe next time!

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Wow! Based on your other post of Pacemates pics from the Orlando game, I thought your pics were taken from the lower level. Amazing that you were up in the nosebleeds (where I've been several times this season) and got such amazing action shots.

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Oops! Couple more comments. Getting autographs before the game is such a crapshoot. And when you get them on the way back to the locker room, most of the time the sigs are reduced to nothing more than a scribble. However, to their credit, most of the Pacers seem to be willing signers. One of the best opportunities to get autographs occurred in the morning of the day that single game tickets went on sale. Hardly anyone was around, and the players took their time and signed and even posed for pics with fans.

    As for the Pacemates, my daughter has been collecting their autographs, so we always approach them when they have been sitting at their tables in the lower level before the games. They have been very accomodating in regard to pictures.

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    wow~~~nice pic.......thanks...

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Great pics, as always...

    Thanks, heywoode! You the man.

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    Default Re: heywoode's pics from Orlando game

    Indeed. Cool pictures

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