"CAMPAIGN GOTV -- Get Out The View!"

In political campaigns, in the days before the big election, we have a "Get
Out the Vote" push, which campaigners call "GOTV."

At the Save ANGEL campaign, we also have a big election coming up, in which
only a select group gets to vote: the Nielsen Ratings. The only problem is,
we don't know who's a Nielsen viewer-- we're not allowed to know.

So this is our GOTV -- "Get Out The View" Campaign.

For the next number of days, focus all your attentions on getting as many
people to watch the upcoming Wednesday episode of ANGEL. This is your call
to action!

Do this by hook or by crook. Use all the legal means at your disposal. Take
the following message to the nooks and crannies of the Net:

"GOTV - ANGEL Wednesday on the WB!"

Post this everywhere you are allowed. Send it in your emails. Send it to
your Lists. IM it to all your Buddies. Put it in your profile. Make it your
signature. Answer the phone with it. And most assuredly, put it on your Web

But don't stop there! Take it to the streets with fliers that announce
Wednesday's show.

We've created a half-sheet flier you can download for printing at home, to
post on bulletin-boards, in coffee shops, stores, and public places. They're
300dpi for better quality and take up half a letter-sized sheet, so you can
print two to a page. There are two version, each for 8PM or 9PM showings of

8PM: http://www.saveangel.org/fliers/angelhalfblk8pm.pdf
9PM: http://www.saveangel.org/fliers/angelhalfblk9pm.pdf

Note: Each file is 1MB, so download and save to your computer only the ones
you need.

An additional one-page flier with more info about how people can help in the
fight for ANGEL:

GOTV Banners examples are available here:

And remember, as Joss Whedon said last week, "Keep writing to everybody."

He proclaimed, "All the noise that's been made by fans does help!"

See this one-page for a printable copy of the Whedon interview story, along
with the contact info for 20th Century Fox Television:

Forward this message to others, so that they can help spread the news. This
is a fight not just for ANGEL, but for quality series over
bottom-of-the-barrel reality shows.

Be a Champion and help save ANGEL!