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Thread: Still Hard to Believe

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    Default Still Hard to Believe

    Just took a look around other team forums for the heck of it.

    It's still amazing what a job Hicks and Able have done with PD. Clutchfans and Spurs Report probably are tops in use, but PD is right there. With Lake Ground and our friends from the Kings and Pistons sliding in there as well. Very impressive indeed.
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    Default Re: Still Hard to Believe

    Out of all the Forums I am a member of from Music Forum (Ben Harper) to Video forums (ebaumsworld) to this one and all the ones I have seen. This by far has the best set up and quality posting.

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    That was the idea.

    When I first started I tried to take what I liked best about various forums I was a member of, from the layout, to the rules, to how the admin works, and try put it together. It's rough sometimes, but overall I've been pretty happy with how things have come along. Then when Abel offered to host, it's only gotten that much better; and he knows a hell of a lot more on the technical side of things than I ever will.

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