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Thread: Playoff injuries really bite

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    Default Playoff injuries really bite

    Gerald Wallace and Chris Mihm go out on the same day, both probably for awhile. My depth is about to be seriously tested.

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    Default Re: Playoff injuries really bite

    I know how you feel.

    In the league that I run, I had the best regular season in my life. 55 wins.

    Now, I have Iverson down, TMac down, and Okafor still out all in time for playoffs. Time to call on the guys sitting on the bench!

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    Default Re: Playoff injuries really bite

    My heart really goes out to you.

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    Default Re: Playoff injuries really bite

    Yeah, I'm going to get knocked out as well, in a tough series. Nash out for 1 game, and really for 2 for the game he was injured in, and Josh Howard as well doomed me.
    "It's just unfortunate that we've been penalized so much this year and nothing has happened to the Pistons, the Palace or the city of Detroit," he said. "It's almost like it's always our fault. The league knows it. They should be ashamed of themselves to let the security be as lax as it is around here."

    ----------------- Reggie Miller

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    Default Re: Playoff injuries really bite

    I still expect to win the whole thing, but Mihm's play lately was great. Looks like Wallace won't be out long.

    I just don't have the guts to drop Eddie Griffin. Sure he almost never plays. But when he does... wow!

    Maybe Big Jake in Memphis can keep it up.

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