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Thread: Started Working Again in a "New" But Familiar Job Today

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    Default Started Working Again in a "New" But Familiar Job Today

    After a summer of hard recruitment from my old manager and going through a quick interview process again I was hired in at AutoZone as a parts sales manager here in the Anderson area. For some of you that may know me I worked there at the other Anderson store and my new store as well for 2 1/2 years before resigning to go to school. I am in my 4th semester in school and will be working 15-20 hours a week, mainly weekend and evening. I had my training day today at the Carmel store and I jumped in like I didn't miss a beat. I enjoyed the training day and my only problems were locating things in a different store. Due to an upcoming surgery I won't start in my store until a week from this Friday, but I am ready to go. My wife says that I am crazy for going back to work there, but I want to feel useful again and every little bit of money helps even though as a disabled Vet my school is paid for and I get a living allowance on top of the disability check. I plan on using this money to pay down debts and put toward the principal of my house.

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