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    I've been a huge Tinsley supporter but where the hell is this guy? Has anyone heard how much longer it will be? He's been out longer than I expected.

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    I feel ya, man. I would actually say I USED to be a big JT fan. I was really taken by his potential and flashes of dazzling play. The second half of 2003-4 he was outta sight. Well, I still like him b/c I always like anyone on the team as long as I think they play to win w/effort for the group. Hell, with JT's constant injuries though, how can you remain high on the guy? There have also been times the last couple years where I felt he went through periods of general disinterested play. Now, that can be said for many and I wouldn't blame anybody for deteriorating into that during the Artest debacle this season. I just need him to get out there and play for a while and show me thy type of attitude everyone else is displaying. I haven't given up on him at all. It's just tiring his usual pattern on non-play. I did catch myself wondering during the Celts game could we not have used his handle against their pressure?

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