My first new topic, so I hope I don't repeat something too old and tired.

All the talk about record in and out of conference got me to thinking, based on the P's percentages this year, how would they be doing if they WERE a Western conference team.

This year in the Eastern conference: 38 & 13 or 74.5%
This year in the Western conference: 20 & 8 or 71.4%

If the P's were in the west, using the same percentages, they would be:

In the Eastern Conference: still 74.5% but the record would be 21 & 7
In the Western Conference: still 71.4% but the record would be 36 & 15

This years record is: 58 & 21
Their record as a Western power would be: 57 & 22

In other words, they would still have the best record in the league to this point. Go P's.

Please let me know if my math is right!