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Thread: anybody have experience with Napster to Go?

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    Default anybody have experience with Napster to Go?

    I'm a music file downloading neophyte. A virgin. I have never downloaded anything.

    Lately I subscribed to DSL service and a promotion allowed me to get a free MP3 player and a 3 month free subscription to Napster to Go.

    The MP3 player arrived last week and I gave it to my wife. Last night I downloaded the napster software, set up the account, and tried to download songs.

    I search for a half dozen artists, and every song on every album that I tried to download, I got a message saying that I had to buy this track for $ 0.99

    I thought the whole purpose behind this service was to pay a monthly subscription fee and then get the song for no additional charge.

    What gives?

    Am I doing something wrong? Should I use another file sharing service to fill my wife's MP3 player with her favorite songs?

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    Default Re: anybody have experience with Napster to Go?

    Im a Napster to Go user. I found that majority of the songs are free to transfer, but their are a few artists with exclusive deals with other vendors that prevent them from being free on Napster. Also make sure you have the true "TO GO" account, they have a thinner version where you do have to pay for all the songs. the To Go service costs 15 bucks a month. I have over 1000 songs on my MP3 and have maybe actually paid for 10 songs out of that 1000. Hope this helps...
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