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Thread: Congradulations Able

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    Default Congradulations Able

    London defeats Havana in game 51 to get his first win!

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    Default Re: Congradulations Able

    Thank you

    Though the score was nothing spectacular, it does make my case that without the everlasting injuries and Ron going Ron Ron, I would've been in the playoffs, and rest assured that with a few minor tweaks along the season I would have been a contender as well.

    it wasn't to be and the last thing I have wanted to do all season long was influence the outcome of the competition in any other way so I stood still, watched, waited and wept.

    Down the tubes it all went, but hey at least I was there

    And in the end, there's always next year to show you all that I know nothing at all
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

    If you've done 6 impossible things today?
    Then why not have Breakfast at Milliways!

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    Default Re: Congradulations Able

    Congrats to the P#ssies!

    At least now I won't be the FIRST team to lose to you!

    50-game losing streak... WOW.

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