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Thread: A Lesson in Patience

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    Default A Lesson in Patience

    A great lesson has been learned in the past 24 hours.

    I'd like to thank everyone who voted to allow me to keep Hill, even for those voting just so a better team couldn't pick him up.

    I should have stuck to my guns like a had been all year, and just not even thought about dropping him. Obviously it was my fault having not done the research to discover Hill had recently begun playing.

    I had kept up on it for a while, but honestly thought the man's career was over. Still, I was winning, so why not just hold on. Then JO went down, followed by Cro.

    Needless to say I stopped winning. I got a little trigger happy, combine that with being at work, and I let my rationale go by the wayside.

    Unfortunately, being full bore into the semester and the fact that I just became an EMT has forced me to pay a little less attention than I was able too earlier in the season.

    With Hill back and playing, and hopefully JO getting back in about 4 weeks, I once again like my chances.

    So once again I'd like to thank those who voted.

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    Default Re: A Lesson in Patience

    You better hope O'Neal gets better faster than 4 weeks.

    Rosters for game 1 of the playoffs get set in just 8 days. If he's out 4 weeks you'll be out before he gets back.

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