".......Time's up: At the close of business today, the Warriors either will have used or lost their $5.287 million traded-player exception. Vice president Chris Mullin consistently has referred to the exception as an added luxury should he decide to alter Golden State's roster.

Asked if he thought, like Mullin, that the Warriors' current group of players had the ability to reach the playoffs, coach Mike Montgomery was less emphatic.

"That's a loaded question," he said before the game. "We're close. We've got good players."

Added Derek Fisher: "I don't know if guys are thinking we need help per se. I think we're still focused on getting the guys healthy that we have and then continuing to figure out that formula for success that we need.

"I don't think there's a talent problem, you know?"......"

Okay, why would you let a deal sweetner like 5 MILLION dollar trade exemption expire? That says to me GS ain't gonna do any trading for the rest of the season. (or 7 days, as it were.)

Guess we can forget them as a trading partner. I know there's still been quite a bit of talk on here about getting Pietrus. Or Taft? Or Biedris.

Ah Well.