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Thread: I hope JO is taking notes

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    Default Re: I hope JO is taking notes

    I think I may need to start another "lets ask the hard question" thread. only this time it should be about Tinsley. How anyone would change this lineup, regardless of player availability, without them losing or being scouted and "solved" first is beyond me.

    Don't fix what ain't broken, until it actually breaks. I hope our injured guys take a long time to recover. Why? So that they really will be 100% when they come back, so that they really do learn this method in practice before thinking that they're more important than the game plan, and so that we can keep stacking up the wins without them.

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    Default Re: I hope JO is taking notes

    I don't know...I am very excited to see this team when J.O. comes back. I think the difference now is that we have Peja too. Peja's not going to be successful in the old grind-it-out style. However, J.O. can be successful in this style. The coaching staff should recognize this. He has improved his passing mightily and he is still a quick and athletic big guy. Maybe he needs to trim down a bit but I still think this could be a deadily team with J.O. healthy.

    However, I am still concerned that Carlisle will switch back to the old offense. They should recognize what's successful but then again, they might not. That is why the title of this thread is appropriate. Like I said above, the thing that makes me optimistic is that before we had Ron and J.O. in the post while now there is only J.O. with Peja and Jack on the perimeter. (Not to mention all the other players better suited for a more fluid offense). I know that in the weeks following Ron's deactivation we continued with the flow thru J.O. offense but I think that could have been just temporary until Rick knew what roster he was dealing with. We shouldn't underestimate the importance of a set roster and rotation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck
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    Instead of being critical of JT and J.O and instead of making the mistake and assuming the Pacers are winning because those two playrers are out (interesting no one is saying the Pacers are winning because Cro is out) here are some reasons why the pacers are winning:

    I think right now the coaching staff has really found a great 9 man rotation. More than that the combinations on the floor seem to fit together extremely well.

    Peja and Jax with AJ and then Jeff and Scot that unit fits well together. And then the bench, Saras and Fred have always fit together and now Granger and Harrison fit together well. And then alternating Jax and Peja with the second unit.

    A few other key points to make about why the Pacers are playing well right now

    1) the schedule. Don't underestimate how important it is to have days off between games and time to practice. That is always underrated, but it is so important.

    2) The Artest episode is behind the Pacers for good. No more trade rumors. Things are settled

    3) Right now the players know when they are going to play and who with, that is huge also.

    (oh yeh and hitting threes doesn't hurt either)

    I think your 100% right. Keep in mind this is also a new starting lineup so to speak. Were running a different offense, we have a new player in Peja and were starting a guy in Pollard who hasn't played in years.Lets see how this lineup does in a week or two when theres video out their on this team. It's working now in the short terms but it remains to be seen how effective it will be once teams have scouted it.

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    Default Re: I hope JO is taking notes

    On the other hand, if JO would transform from a 20-point 10-rebound player into a 12-point 15-rebound player, I think it would be a very good thing.
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

    And add in 4 blocks a game, this team would score even more. I know it has
    been stated by some that they think JO will score even more and rebound
    more when he comes back. If he scores even more then I believe the team
    will be less successful in the win column. Peja and Jax will put a lot of
    pressure on other teams with JO drawing double teams and kicking out
    to the shooters. JO should not be the leading scorer for this team.
    How many titles did Karl Malone win? He was a better pf than JO is.


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