Kerosene has pretty much locked up the Gold Division & is in the playoffs. Gyron & Number 7 are neck and neck in the Blue Division and both has a playoff spot secured.

Doug seems to be the only guy stepping up. 5 out of his last 7 games have been 214 or better. He has the 8th seed right now but could start leap frogging some teams shortly.

The 4 teams currently out of the playoffs don't seem to be moving in the right direction. Hicks at #9 has lost 10 straight & only broken 161 points once in his last 7 games. Shade's scores havn't been too bad but he is catching opponets at the wrong time & has lost 6 straight, falling 6 games out of the final spot with just 11 to play. It's not impossible but it will be tough for him to get in. Anthem & Able are out of the playoff picture but all eye are on the London team. They are currently on a 45 game losing streak. It will soon be 46 but not by much. London will drop game 46 by less than 7 points but he left 22 minutes on the table. Roaming Gnome nearly secured himself a footnote in ABA history. Game 47 could be a different story. London's team has finished their game & has a 41.1 point lead on Dr. Badd. Cedar City still has 103 minutes to fill but with only Anthony Johnson. Jeff Foster & Jacque Vaughn to play, it's doubtful he will be able to pull it off. Looks like London will get a W after all!