In another thread Displaced Knick mentioned that he has played like a rookie this season. This kinda got me to thinkin', just how have our first year guys done so far?

Well here ya go.

Gyron leads the Western Blue by a couple games & is just one of three teams with 30 wins.

Mourning sets atop the Eastern White with a 25-16 record. His scoring average is 3rd best in the league.

Rcarey is a couple games out of first in the Eastern Red, but his 29-12 record is 3rd best in the conference.

Diamond Dave has Holden Beach solidly in the Western playoffs with a 23-18 mark.

Dipperdunk & Magic Rat are both still the hunt for the last Eastern playoff spot. That race is gonna go down to the last couple games so don't feel like you're in or out til its over.

Anthem has picked it up over the last 5 games but with just 15 games remaining, he's 10 games out of the final playoff spot.

Able Who wants to be known as the only team that lost to London for the rest of their lives!

Thanks for all the hard work guys.